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Home / Webmaster Resources / Finding A Web Host
The Ultimate Web Host List- The yellow pages of commerical web hosts, this site features not only a comprehensive listing of all the major web hosts on the net, but a ranking of the top 25 hosts, based on reliability, speed, service, and support. Recommended.

TopHost- A web host directory featuring a listing of over 500 commerical web hosts on the net, with ranking of the "top" 15 hosts. Also features a unque host connection tester that allows you to test the speed of any web host online.

HostSearch- A web host search engine, this site allows you to find a web host based on your specific cretirias, such as disk space, price, additional features, and platform etc.

HostFind- Like above, a web host search engine with reviews on certain web hosts.

ISPcheck- Another web host search engine that screens out web hosts based on your specific needs.

BudgetWeb- A listing of web hosts, divided into different categories (virtual, nonvirutual, etc)

Yahoo's Complete Web Host Listing - As the name implies, Yahoo's complete listing of web host companies.


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