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Get 10 megs of FREE web space, in one of the largest communities on the net!

WebProvider: WebProvider offers 10 megabytes of absolutely free domain-based web hosting services complete with CGI capabilities, Frontpage extensions, Telnet / FTP access, unlimited web-based email boxes, and 24 hour technical support.

Hypermart: Free 10 megs of web space, plus the ability to upload and use CGI scripts and MS FrontPage extensions.

Tripod: 11 free megs, plain and simple.

The Globe- A emerging contender among the free homepage service providers. Offers 6 megs of webspace, plus email account.

Fortune City: 10 megs of free homepage...server has been slow recently.

One stop: Get two megs of free web space here.

Tao Tree: Three megs of free space.

Angel Fire: 200k of free web home...allows you to put up a business site.

Free Nation: An Asia Pacific web host that offers 5 megs of free space, plus CGI scripts.

Xoom: A excellent free hosting service! 5 megs free space, plus tons of CGI's. Also, allows you to put up a business site.

Internet the City: Free webpages, email... the works.

WBS homepage: Apparently they now offer unlimited, free web space to users.

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