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Blue_SwirlC0D5.gif (150 bytes) Animated Gifs

Free Web Templates new01.gif (1016 bytes)
Over 50 free web templates to download and use: frames, tables, and even expando. We also have wallpaper, interfaces, textures, buttons, banners, and more!

A-1 Icon Archive: An archive of over 300000 web graphics!

The Animation Factory: 3000+ animations for your site!

Xoom's Clipart Collection- A huge collection of unique and free web graphics for use on any webpage. Broken down into the following categories: Animated, non Animated, line art, photos, Classic photos, sound effects, and music clips.

Web Resources: A great site with tons of animated gifs and other goodies.

The Animation Zone: Some cool cartoon animations.

Cybernettix: A great collection of animated gifs and html links.

ClipArt Universe: Features some pretty neat animation gifs.

Gif Animations: Another huge place to find animations for your homepage.

Mike's Free Animated Gifs: Over 1000 animated art here.

Animation City: Very nicely designed site with-animations!

Blue_SwirlC0D5.gif (150 bytes) Buttons, icons, and bullets

Gif Art Collection: A nice collection of original backgrounds, bullets, icons, and more!

Icon Browser: Welcome to a universe of icons!

Terry's gifs: TONS of cools little gifs to add to your page. Includes downloadable zipped up ones!

Graphic station: A lot of icons, bullets, and buttons for your taking!

Andy's Art Attack Absolutely huge database full of free graphics and graphic links.

Digit Mania: Looking for digit and counter gifs? Look no more.

Blue_SwirlC0D5.gif (150 bytes) Backgrounds

Windy's Design: A superb collection of left-bordered backgrounds!

Unique Backgrounds: Click here for custom backgrounds.

Texture Land: Some weird and textured backgrounds for those that like eccentric graphics on their homepage.

Grafix gallery: Another great web graphics and background resource.

Blue_SwirlC0D5.gif (150 bytes) Clipart

Mining company clipart: Some really good cliparts here.

Barry's Clip Art Server: Not the easiest site to navigate around, but without a doubt has the largest collection of graphics.

Internet Explorer Multimedia Gallery: (updated link) Check out these photographic images to add to your personal site. FREE! from Microsoft.

Rattlesnake Graffiti: Click here for a great collection of custom clipart.

Surf Madison File Libraries: Surf up to a great collection of clipart, including fonts, here.

Free Art: As the name puts it, free clip art here. Only for personal, non commercial use.

Graphic maps: This site is a MUST visit! Includes graphic maps of countries, continents, the globe, and more. Find your country's image here!

World flags: Download an assortment of world flags-includes tons of flags from every continent!

Web Graphics and Links Collection: A lot of graphics, organized in a unique way. Check it out!

The Banner Generator: Automates banners for you!

Shadow Zone: An assortment of clipart, animated gifs, backgrounds etc.


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