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What's so special about scripts on JavaScript Kit? Well, the majority of scripts here are written by the author of JavaScript Kit himself, with emphasis on practicality and usability, and cannot be found anywhere else on the net.

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fold.gif (119 bytes) Windows, remotes,  frames etc fold.gif (119 bytes) Password protecting
fold.gif (119 bytes) Using cookies to store information about users. fold.gif (119 bytes) Displaying browser type, OS, screen size, modified date etc...
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What's New Updated Oct 19, 98'
FairWell window launcher
I got the idea for the following script from a site I recently visited. When I left, a cute little window popped up, thanking me for visiting their site, and urging me to come back real soon. The window actually made an impact on me, surprisingly. Here is a script that does just that- pops up a small, toolbarless window as the surfer leaves the page. Furthermore, by using cookies, the script only pops up the first time the surfer enters the leaves the page, avoiding irritating him/her with senseless popping up of multiple windows.
Check required elements (Required NS 3+, IE 4+)
This is an easy-to-setup form validation script that allows you to specify certain form elements as "required". When the surfer submits the form, the script checks these elements to make sure that are NOT empty before allowing the form submission to proceed. Before, this work was usually handled by a CGI script; this is a JavaScript that essentially performs the same task.
"Please bookmark my site" alert!
This is a script that reminds your surfers to bookmark your site whenever he/she leaves the page. To avoid over-irritating your surfers, the message appears only the first time the surfer enters and leaves the page; if he/she goes to CNN for a while, then returns and leaves again, the message is not displayed.
onMouseover Slideshow (Required NS 3+, IE 4+)
Due to popular request, we've created a onMouseover slideshow script. The "slideshow" image changes image each time the mouse is moved over a different link. The image itself is hyperlinked, and its target url changes to match the link the mouse is on during each rollover. Use it to add graphical depiction to important links on your page!

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