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Cut & Paste Flexible Image Slideshow

Credit: JavaScript Kit

Description: This Image Slideshow incorporates some of the most user-requested features all into one neat package, such as optional hyperlinked images, random display order and stop slideshow after x iteration. Finally a JavaScript image slideshow that caters to your specific needs! The official feature list:

  • Each image can be optionally hyperlinked (or not), and contain its own link target.
  • The images do not have to be of the same dimensions.
  • Set the display order of the images- sequential (like most slideshows), or random order.
  • Set the number of iterations before the slideshow stops, such as "1", or "continuous" etc.
  • Choose whether the images should be preloaded.


Directions: Simply add the below script to where you wish the slideshow to appear:

Then refer to the comments inside it to customize it. Enjoy!

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