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Cut & Paste Editable Select Box

Credit: Teo Cerovski

Description: Make any select box on your page editable using this script! Extremely easy to install, your select box's option values can now be modified by the user.



Step 1: Download "editableSelectBox.js" (right click, and select "Save As"), and upload to your web page directory:

Step 2: Reference the above external .js file on your page, and then add the following onClick/onBlur event handlers inside the select element in question:

<SCRIPT language="javascript" type="text/javascript" src="editableSelectBox.js">
//* Editable Select Box script- By Teo Cerovski (teoDOTcerovski[at]gmailDOTcom)
//* For this script and 100s more, visit

<select name="test" size="5" onClick="beginEditing(this);" onBlur="finishEditing();" style="width:250px;">
<option value="test">test 01</option>
<option value="test">test 02</option>

That's it! Your select box is now editable.

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