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3-way image slideshow
A versatile image slideshow that can be viewed in three ways- via a drop down menu, back/forward button, or automatically. Cool!

3D Cube Slideshow
 This image slideshow rotates its images in eye popping 3D fashion, no special glasses required! It uses CSS3 for the effect, and works in IE10+ and all modern versions of Firefox and Chrome, including on mobile, while degrading well with lower versions of IE. Images within the slideshow can be hyperlinked, and the slideshow can be navigated via swipe or back/forward buttons.

BackBox Image Viewer
BackBox is a new image gallery script which displays your pictures in a smooth and easy way. It works on the same principle as "Lightbox.js", though it supports the ability to dismiss the enlarged image when the user clicks the browser "back" button, instead of the default action of going to the previous page. The interface also adds explicit "pervious" and "next" links, plus a auto rotation mode.

Divviewer Image Viewer
Divviewer Image viewer lets you display images inline- when the user clicks on a link- scaled to fit the dimensions of the page if necessary. This is very handy for very large images which may produce those unsightly browser scrollbars if not scaled.

Drop Down Image Selector I
A drop down combo box that allows surfers to choose among many images to be shown. Surfers choose an image from the combo box, and it is displayed in the predetermined space below. Notice that in this script, the images themselves are not clickable. If you want the version that not only shows different images, but makes the images clickable as well, look at version II below.

Drop Down Image Selector II
A drop down combo box that allows surfers to choose among many images to be shown. Each image is linked up to a different URL, and is clickable.

Dynamic PHP Picture Viewer
This script combines PHP with JavaScript to let you easily display all pictures within a directory without having to input their file names into the script! An external PHP file takes care of all the manual labour, by retrieving the list of images inside the directory and passing it onto the viewer script. Even the select menu used to choose the image to display is automatically generated.

Flexible Image Slideshow
This Image Slideshow incorporates some of the most user-requested features all into one neat package, such as optional hyperlinked images, random display order and stop slideshow after x iteration. Finally a slidedhow script that caters to your specific needs!

Full Screen Image Slideshow (w/ auto read images from directory)
Full Screen Image Slideshow is a cool slideshow that uses jQuery and PHP to display large images from a directory automatically and using the entire browser window as its canvas! Thumbnails of every image is shown at the bottom of the slideshow for easy viewing on demand.

Image Selector using selection list
A JavaScript image selector that uses a selection list to allow surfers to choose among many images to be displayed in one fixed area.

Image Slideshow with description
This nifty image slideshow script lets the user manually move back and forth between images, by clicking on the provided buttons. An accompanying textual message of your choice is displayed below each image. Cool!

Index It Image Slideshow
This user friendly image slideshow displays an index of all of the images, letting the viewer see the position of the current image within the slideshow, and jump to a particular image at will. It uses CSS for its overall appearance, allowing for easy customization.

JavaScript image slideshow
This is an easy-to-install JavaScript image script that takes in any number of images, and instantly turns them into one cool slideshow! Furthermore, you can associate a unique URL with each image, so clicking on the slideshow goes to a different URL, depending on which image it's currently on!

JavaScript image slideshow (increment preload image)
This is a unique slideshow script that, unlike most other, will intelligently preload its images one at a time, while the preceding image is being shown. Use this script if your slideshow contains a lot of heavy duty images, and you don't want your visitors to wait forever (literally) before he/she can see the slide.

JK Responsive Gallery
JK Responsive Gallery is a modern, lightbox style image gallery that works perfectly on any screen size and device, big or small. Click on an image thumbnail to see an enlarged version centered on the screen with support for an optional, rich HTML caption beneath it.

Multi image slideshow
Think of it as multiple slideshows all jammed packed into one! The following script can handle more than one set of image slides. Toggle between them through text links. As an added bonus, you can specify whether each slide is linked to a unique URL. Very compact, and very cool!

onMouseover Slideshow
Due to popular request, we've created a onMouseover slideshow script. The "slideshow" image changes image each time the mouse is moved over a different link. The image itself is hyperlinked, and its target url changes to match the link the mouse is on during each rollover. Use it to add graphical depiction to important links on your page!

Photo Slider
A simple "photo slider" script that allows your surfers to manually cycle through and browse an unlimited number of images. Comes with a forward and back button.

Photo Slider II (with description)
This image slide show differs from the one above in that a INPUT box is added to allow you to display a description of each slide below it.

Random image slideshow
Unlike most image slideshows which display images in sequential order, this one randomly picks its image to show each time.

Random Transitions slideshow
This is an image plus text description slideshow that brings each image into view using 1 of 17 randomly chosen Transitional effects in IE browsers. For other browsers that don't support these built in effects, a custom fade transition is used instead. Each image can be optionally hyperlinked with a text description beneath it, and the slideshow pauses when the user moves the mouse over it.

Simple Carousel
Simple Carousel lets you display a long series of images and captions as a horizontal strip that can be dragged left or right to reveal the obscured ones. The contents of the carousel are loaded from an external file on the server via Ajax, and can be reloaded with a different file at any time.

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