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Cut & Paste Gate Keeper Password Protect
Credit: Joe Barta (Professional Web Design)

Description: The below script provide every extensive password protecting for a page. This is perhaps one of the best JavaScript password protector out there. Uses JavaScript.

Example: password: "page2"


Step 1: Save this image onto your harddrive:

Step 2: Copy the below into the <body> tags of the starting page (The page before the password protected one).

Step 3: Copy this and save it as a new page. Save it as "gatekeep.html"

Step 4 (final one): You're basically done. The above will password protect any page, the password being the name of the file. For example, say I want to protect mypage.htm. The password would be "mypage". So all you have to do now is rename the page you want to protect to a longer and more complicated file name, and that will be the password that will access that page. No, you don't have to add anything to the protected page. Note: It seems this script can only protect pages that end in ".html", and NOT ".htm", so be sure to rename the extensions too. Please realize again that this script is written by Joe Barta, a talented webmaster.

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