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Cut & Paste Multiple Choice Quiz (Jan 13th, 2003)

Credit: JavaScript Kit

Description: Multiple Choice Quiz script is a highly flexible quiz that can be used to test your visitors, with the results instantly graded (on separate page). Some noteworthy features of the script are:

  • Script supports arbitrary number of questions, each with an arbitrary number of choices.
  • Solution embedded in external .js file, making "cheating" difficult (cumbersome).
  • Separates the questions and result into two separate pages. Uses cookies to transmit information from the former to later.
  • Instant quiz results and grade, shown on results page.
  • "View solution" feature on results page, with solutions to questions the user incorrectly answered highlighted in red.
  • Cross browser functional and very easy to set up.

Note that a cookie enabled browser is required to use this script.

Example: To see the quiz in action, click here.

Directions: To get the script, click here. It is composed of the following three files:

-popquiz.htm (Edit this file to change the questions on the page to your own. View source for more information)
-results.htm (Page containing the results/grades. Not necessary to edit)
-quizconfig.js (Edit this file to change the solutions to your own)

When you're done with the editing, upload the three files into the same directory.

Enjoy! We firmly believe this is one of the best JavaScript quiz scripts out there.

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