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Cut & Paste Contractible Headers

Description: A script that makes selected headers (<h1>) in a page contractible in IE 4.x. All other browsers, including NS 4.x, will see the headers uncontracted (degrades well).

Example: (Click to expand)


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Web Graphics

.Animated Gifs: .

.Buttons, icons, and bullets:


.Clip art:



Step 1: Insert the below into the <head> section of your page:

Step2: Insert the below into the <body> section of your page:

To insert additional headers, simply insert more of the below to the above:

<h1 style="cursor:hand" onClick="doit(document.all[this.sourceIndex+1])">Header 1</h1>
<span style="display:none" style=&{head};>
This is content under Header 1. Insert any thing in here, such as text, tables, etc..

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