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JK Popup Window Generator (version 3.0)

Last updated: July 9th, 2004

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The most flexible and powerful tool of its kind on the web, use this JavaScript wizard to instantly create, customize, and add pop up or pop under windows to your site! Control precisely the frequency of the window, whether it's once per browser session or any desired period (ie: once every 24 hours). For the uninitiated, a popup refers to a secondary, usually smaller window that loads on top of the main window, and contains a separate HTML document inside of it. To create your own popup, just follow the three simple steps below, and grab the generated code. It's that simple!

Step 1: Configure the look of the popup window (Be sure to click the "Live Preview" link to instantly see how the window looks):

Tool Bar: .Location Bar: Directory Bar: .Status Bar:
Scrollbars: .Menu Bar: Resizable? .Live preview!
Step 2: How do you want the window to pop up?
Step 3: Control the frequency of the window (pick one):  
 1) Every time page loads:
 2) Only ONCE per browser session*:
 3) Only ONCE per specified period*:
* Only applicable if Step 2 is set to "Automatically".

Simply copy the generated code into the <BODY> section of your webpage, and you're done!

Changing the dimensions of the pop up:

-To change the dimensions of the pop up to an explicit width and height, change the code:


within function openpopup, by entering in the desired values, such as:


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