JavaScript Kit OnMouseover Whipper 2.0

Rollover effects are undoubtedly the most widely used JavaScript effect on the net. It is precisely due their popularity that we decided to create this rollover effect "wizard". Using it, even non-JavaScripters can get into the action and spice up their web page with a little image magic.

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 button1.gif (1287 bytes) + button2.gif (1358 bytes) WB01570_.gif (184 bytes) button1.gif (1287 bytes)

Directions: To create a rollover effect for your image, simply follow the step-by-step instructions below:

1.gif (1378 bytes)

Enter the path of the two images you wish to be used in the rollover effect, the first being the image displayed before the mouse is over, and than over, respectively. If the two images you're using are on the web, simply enter their file paths into the boxes below (ie:"), else, use the browse button to locate an image on your hd:

2.gif (1417 bytes)

Please enter the width and height of the original image:
height: Auto Detect

Note: No preview will be available if images are selected from HD under NS
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