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Reset Object

Last updated: June 20th, 2004

The reset button (<input type="reset">) within your form can be accessed and manipulated using JavaScript, via the corresponding Reset object. To access the button in JavaScript, use the syntax:

document.myform.resetname //where myform and resetname are the names of your form/element
document.myform.elements[i] //where i is the position of the reset button within form

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Events Description
onClick Code is executed when user clicks on the reset button.


Properties Description
disabled Boolean value that sets/ returns whether the reset button is disabled.
form References the form that contains the reset button.
name Reflects the name of the reset button (the name attribute).
type A property available on all form elements, "type" returns the type of the calling form element, in this case, "reset".
value A read only string that specifies the value of the reset button.

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