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Form Object

Last updated: June 20th, 2004

Forms on the page are represented in JavaScript via the form object, and can be accessed in one of the 3 standard ways below:

document.yourformname //where yourformname is the name of your form.

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Events Description
onReset Code is executed when the form is reset (by clicking on "reset" button)
onSubmit Code is executed when form is submitted.


Properties Description
action Read/write string that reflects the action attribute of the form.
elements[] An array containing all of the elements of the form. Use it to loop through form easily.
encoding Read/write string that specifies how the form data is encoded.
length The number of elements in the form.
method Read/write string that specifies how the method the form is submitted.
name The name of the form.
target The name of the target frame or window form is to be submitted to.


Methods Description
reset() Resets the form.
submit() Submits a form. Example(s).



<a href="javascript:document.myform.submit()"><img src="submit.gif" /></a>

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