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String escape sequences

Created: July 23rd, 2006

Escape sequences allow you to parse string literals in JavaScript for special characters/ formatting, such as newlines within a TEXTATEA's input. Below lists these escape sequences:

Escape sequences

Properties Description
\b Backspace.
\f Form feed.
\n Newline.
\O Nul character.
\r Carriage return.
\t Horizontal tab.
\v Vertical tab.
\' Single quote or apostrophe.
\" Double quote.
\\ Backslash.
\ddd The Latin-1 character specified by the three octal digits between 0 and 377. ie, copyright symbol is \251.
\xdd The Latin-1 character specified by the two hexadecimal digits dd between 00 and FF.  ie, copyright symbol is \xA9.
\udddd The Unicode character specified by the four hexadecimal digits dddd. ie, copyright symbol is \u00A9.


Adding newlines (line breaks) when alerting text

alert("Welcome to JavaScript Kit\nEnjoy your stay!")

Adding quotes within a string

var myquote="George said \"Life is like a box of chocolates\""

Examining the contents of a TEXTAREA, line by line

<textarea id="holder">
This is line 1
This is line 2
This is line 3

<script type="text/javascript">
var containertext=document.getElementById("holder").value.split("\n") //Store each line of textarea as array element
alert(containertext[2]) //alerts "This is line 3

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