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Formatting numbers for decimals and significant digits
Need to display a number in currency format? How about a number that is x digits in length? See how to easily, using two new methods of JavaScript 1.5+.

Generating weighed random numbers in JavaScript
See the technique for adding weight to random numbers, so some show up more often than others.

Calculating the difference between two dates
Learn how to calculate the difference between two dates in JavaScript, and in the process, derive some useful applications such as counting down to a particular event, counting up, displaying what's new on your page etc.

Using the navigator object to detect client's browser
In today's haphazard browser market, browser detection is as important as ever in our scripts. Learn about using the navigator object for the task.

The Math object of JavaScript
Looking to pull off a few mathematical operations using JavaScript? You'll need to arm yourself with the Math object.

Number rounding in JavaScript
Round up your brain cells as we explore number rounding in JavaScript!

Creating customizable alert boxes using VBScript
We abandon JavaScript for a little while as we illustrate how to create customizable alert boxes using VBScript.

Generating a random number in JavaScript
A random number is useful- if not required- in the creation of certain popular JS applications, such as a dice, random image script, or random link generator. Learn how to generate a random number in JavaScript.

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Introductory Tutorials

Interacting with time

Interacting with windows and frames

Strings (text)


Understanding arrays and loops

Interacting with images

Interacting with forms

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Advanced JavaScript Tutorials

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