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Cut & Paste Ticker Tape
Credit: ITS of Egypt
Use of this applet should include the above credit.

Description: A very cool ticker tape. Highly configurable



Directions: Step 1: Save the below .class file(s) into your web page directory by either clicking the files with the "shift" key depressed, or simply clicking it for IE users:


Step 2: Cut and paste the below into the webpage that will show the applet. The webpage should be in the same directory as the .class file(s):

Note: You can adjust the tape in many ways, such as add more messages, change the scroll speed, color etc. All these changes can be done by making changes to the parameters. To illustrate one very important point, I'll first show the entire applet code again:

<applet code=NavigatorTicker11.class width=300 height=28 >
 <param name=count value=3 >
 <param name=msg0 value="JavaScript Kit main index. \\http://www.abstract.simplenet.com" >
 <param name=msg1 value="JavaScript Kit Java Index. \\http://www.abstract.simplenet.com/java/javafront.htm" >
 <param name=msg2 value=" JavaScript Kit Resources. \\http://www.abstract.simplenet.com/html.htm" >
 <param name=speed value=8 >
 <param name=bgco value=107,184,88 >
 <param name=txtco value=250,250,0 >
 <param name=linkco value=180,25,21 >

Note the number in red. This number should match the number of messages you have. In the above example, since there are three messages, the number in red is 3. Change the number accordingly, or else the applet won't run. Again, use of this applet should include the below credit:

ITS of Egypt

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