Adding an interactive poll to your site

You've seen them on popular sites such as like CNN and IGN The chances are, you've probably participated in at least one of them in the past month as well. Polls are a hot item on web sites these days, whether were talking about news sites, entertainment sites, or tech sites These little "gadgets" are, in my opinion, a fast way to add a lot of interactivity to a site with very little hassle. In this tutorial, I'll show you how you too can add an interactive poll to your site, and join in the polling craze!

Resource list updated Dec 27th, 05'

Hosted Poll services

Hosted Polls allow any site to implement an interactive poll for their site without dealing with the server requirements or messy script installations. Just fill in a few blanks at the site's online registration form page, cut and paste a few HTML codes, and you have a poll! Below is a compilation of some of my favourites:

Let's move on to explore doing the grunt work yourself, by installing your own poll script. This means more work, but greater customization and no potential ads to deal with.