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Click here for resources on HTML, DHTML, JavaScript, XML, web graphics, and more.
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Home / Frontpage 97' Tutorial

Want to create a decent site without having to learn programming? No problem!. This tutorial has received a lot of positive feedback since it was up, and sure will teach you everything you need to create a fabulous site using FrontPage 97'. So strap on and get ready for the most complete FrontPage tutorial available. Lets get ready then!

Frontpage Reviews
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To upgrade, or not to upgrade, tis the question.
See a complete analysis regarding whether or not fp97 users should upgrade to fp98.

FrontPage 98 reviewed!
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Frontpage 2000 reviewed!
Check out Matt of Webmaster-resources.com's review on Frontpage 2000, the latest version of Frontpage!

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Official Frontpage 98 web site
Visit the official MS FrontPage 98 homepage for trial downloads, tutorials and articles, discussions and more on this popular HTML editor.

Microsoft Clip Gallery Live
Expand your Frontpage 98 clipart collection with these free clipart, pictures, and sound. From Microsoft.

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