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JavaScript Kit ( is a highly targeted site on client side scripting and web development. Online since December, 1997 (formerly Website Abstraction), our audience consists mainly of beginner to intermediate webmasters and designers. Currently we offer the following two formats for advertising on the site:

#1) Static 165x90 micro Banner

 165x90 banner

Your micro banner is displayed without rotation on most key pages of JavaScript. They include:

Position may vary, but it will either be on that page's left or right column in most cases.

#2) Top banner (standard or leaderboard)

 Your top Banner

Your standard or large banner is rotated randomly on the top of all pages of JK. There are 10 slots in total available.

#3) 100x40 Site Wide Sponsorship button


Your button is displayed on the top of all pages JK, alongside the search bar. This is a premium spot limited to just one advertiser.

For more information on the 3 specs above, please email .

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